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Colonize the Galaxy

Expand your empire by colonizing the galaxy, building infrastructure, mining resources, and producing an industrial base with which to build your empire.

Manage Logistics

Manage resources to ensure the right supplies get to where they're needed. Military fleets will require supply lines and planets will need raw materials to construct infrastructure. Without the necessary goods, your empire will not thrive.

Fleet Battles

Build fleets to project your military power across the galaxy and enforce your will upon other civilizations. Use the ship designer to create custom ship classes with interchangeable weapons, armor, and hardpoints to fine tune your fleet.

Active Simulated Galaxy

Watch as civilians react to your decisions, navigate through your empire, migrate to new planets, or flee as refugees in times of conflict.

Scientific & Engineering Advancement

Explore the cosmos and expand scientific knowledge by uncovering mysteries scattered across the galaxy. Use engineering programs to produce new technologies for the benefit of your empire and to enhance your military might.

Play Your Way

Employ administrators to automate lower tasks and focus on the grand strategy of empire building, or take direct control and manage every cog in your empire. You have control over the level of detail you want to play at.

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