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The Elevator Pitch

Final Vanguard is an in-development sci-fi shoot ‘em up (shmup) genre mobile game set for release on mobile platforms. Optimized for touch with smooth controls and 60fps mobile gameplay, Final Vanguard brings together a classic arcade mechanic with modern day visuals and a detailed unlock and upgrade system. Set against a colonized solar system in peril, you are our last push to fight off a devastating occupation and save everything we know.


The Game

Final Vanguard is about action, great explosions, beautiful visuals, and the simple fun of destroying the enemy. As a fan of Japanese shoot ‘em up games, I often found the intense bullet walls a barrier to entry for many players not familiar with the genre. For Final Vanguard I wanted to create an accessible game that felt more realistic and less about finding your way through a tiny opening in a hail of bullets.

Final Vanguard is an easy to pick-up shoot ‘em up experience for the casual player. Hardcore players will find increasingly difficult missions and a depth of play to keep them returning. As players progress through missions new enemy fighters and attack patterns emerge. Players must devise strategies to counter these threats and evolve over time to succeed.

Players can choose unique strike fighters and customize load-outs before each battle. Unique weapons and perks allow players to tune their playing style to become the ultimate fighting force in the solar system.



Set against the backdrop of a futuristic human colonized solar system, players experience the toxic atmosphere of Venus, the baron wastelands of Mars, the once gleaming cities of Earth, and the dark Lunar surface.

Each level is hand crafted in 3D detail to present an intricate mechanical future. Unique landscapes, weather, and building types will set each planet apart. As players battle over each terrain they’ll receive a visual experience unique to that set of missions.

Missions are structured as non-linear so players can pick and choose which planet they want to defend. Players unlock new weapons, perks and strike fighters as they complete each mission and progress forward in the game.

Four planets with five missions each will be included in the initial release but future updates will see the addition of new locations.


Upgrades and Unlocks

To extend gameplay Final Vanguard includes an in-depth space hanger combining a racing simulator style garage with the shoot ‘em up genre.  Players collect, explore, and upgrade their strike fighters. Weapon load-outs can be assigned to fine-tune each fighter and players choose which fighter and load-out to use before each mission.

The space hanger serves as an in-depth look at collected strike fighters where players can take ownership of their collection.


Release Date & Platforms

Final Vanguard will be available on iOS as free to play and Android as a premium title. A second release may include additional platforms depending on the mobile release’s reception. I’m hopeful future releases will include Xbox, Switch, and AppleTV, however, it’s too early to estimate timing for these platforms.