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David Tym,
[email protected]

Release Date

iOS, Android, Switch, PC

iOS // F2P, IAP
Android, Switch, PC // TBD


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Game Description

Final Vanguard is an in-development shoot ‘em up (shmup) genre sci-fi shooter set for release on mobile platforms. Players pilot strike fighters in a last push to fight off a devastating occupation to save everything we know. Set against the backdrop of a futuristic human colonized solar system, players experience the toxic atmosphere of Venus, the baron wastelands of Mars, and the once gleaming cities of Earth.

Optimized for touch with smooth controls and 60 fps mobile gameplay, Final Vanguard brings together a classic arcade genre with modern day visuals plus a detailed unlock and upgrade system. Accessible for beginners but challenging for the hardcore player, Final Vanguard offers beautiful visuals, intense gameplay and memorable boss battles.

Key Features

Simple Controls and Smooth Gameplay
A movement mechanic perfected for mobile with intuitive signal finger controls, fluid motion, and 60fps gameplay.

Easy to Pick Up with Depth of Play
Accessible for beginners who can jump right into battle. Challenging for hardcore shooter pros where strategies will need to be created and adapted to handle increasing gameplay demands.

Beautiful Levels with Immersive Missions
Richly designed 3D landscapes set in a colonized sci-fi solar system under siege by a devastating occupation.

Collectable Strike Fighters and Weapon Unlocks
Unlock and collect detailed 3D strike fighters to pilot in-game. Equip unique weapons and upgrades to fine-tune play style.

Epic Battles and Memorable Enemy Types
A wide array of enemy craft, each with unique characteristics and attack patterns. Players must contend with missile salvos, laser systems, projectile weapons, and shields to achieve victory.